Residency and continued education at the IFA

The Institute of Anaesthesiology is proud of a young and motivated medical education staff. We offer an elaborate and comprehensive training and career promotion program for all employees. We are guided by current didactic standards of medical education, and offer a modern infrastructure.

Not only do we provide and staff our internationally recognised simulation centre, which offers trainings and courses; we also use our unique IFA video project which addresses many anesthesiological topics using elaborate video productions. Patient blood management is an integral component of our core-competence – beyond internal workshops, we organise the biannual coagulation symposium in Klosters.

IFA Pflege Airwaytraining.jpg 

The post-graduate course for certified anaesthesia nurses (NDS Expertin/Experte HF Anästhesiepflege) is offered for 13 students annually, who are accompanied by a young and motivated education team. Anesthesiological nursing staff not only participate in the provision of anaesthesia and patient care, but also in interprofessional continued education. The University Hospital Zurich provides the organisational conditions, while the Z-INA provides the teaching. Students profit from 1:1 supervision during anaesthesia and debriefing. In addition, protected study-days are provided. During this course, we cooperate closely with other hospitals, such as the Children's Hospital Zurich.

Students of medicine play an important role in our clinical routine as interns – information is provided at another location.

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