- human resources management (appointment, employment,
- continuing education of residents (residency program,
  planning of curricula and rotations)
- staff rosters, especially of consultants and chief consultants
- supervision of the mentoring teams for residents
- supervision of the transplantation team
- supervision of the operating sector "F-OP (excluding 
  cardiac anaesthesia)
- lectures and courses for medical students
- president or member of various SGAR commissions and

Tel. +41 44 255 26 96

- supervision of the emergency medicine group
- supervision emergency physicians
- responsible for supply management
- responsible for IT infrastructure
- haemostasiology (coagulation science)

Tel. +41 44 255 26 96

Senior attending physicians

- head of cardiac and vascular anaesthesiology and
  intensive care
- consulting physician at the children's hospital Zurich for
  paediatric cardiac anaesthesia
- on-call duty for paediatric cardiac anaesthesia at
  University Hospital Zurich
- associate editor of the Journal of Cardiothoracic
  and Vascular Anesthesia
- president of the cardiothoracic and vascular
  anaesthesia subcommittee of the Swiss Association
  of Anaesthesiology and Resuscitation (SGAR)

- director of the department for foetal surgery
- director of the team for anaesthesiology in urology
- postgraduate education
- lectures and courses for medical students
- coordination of e-learning in anaesthesiology
- clinical research
- Medicines Commission

Special interests: airway management, jetventilation, clinical pharmacology

Tel. Büro +41 44 255 5980

- Member of OR management at University Hospital
  Zurich (department of AIO)
- member of the sounding board cooperation University
  Hospital Zurich, Swiss Aviation
- training member of ZKFS, the Zurich Group for progressive  
  hospital management
- coordinator for the "North-Tract" ORs
- mentoring team for residents
- lecturer at the university of applied sciences of OdA G
   ZH for intensive, emergency and anesthesia nursing,
   Zurich, Z-INA
- director of the pre-anaesthesia consultation facility

Tel. +41 44 255 26 96

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