Patient Blood Management

Color Splash Image.jpg Research in patient blood management focuses on the following topics:

  • influence of patient blood management measures on the frequency and amount of transfusions, patient outcome, and the costs of treatment
  • understanding and monitoring of perioperative coagulation
  • development and efficacy testing of coagulation(-treatment)-algorithms

Current investigations concerning patient blood management

  • Impact of Preoperative Treatment of Anemia and Iron Deficiency in Cardiac Surgery on Outcome (NCT02031289)
    In dieser Studie wird der Erfolg einer kurz vor der herzchirurgischen Operation verabreichten Behandlung einer präoperativen Anämie oder eines präoperativen Eisenmangels auf die Bluttransfusion untersucht. Die Anzahl der zu untersuchenden Patienten ist 1'000.
  • Diagnostic of Iron Deficiency by Means of Non Invasive Measurement of Zink Protoporphyrin IX (ZnPP) (NCT03231865)

Research Team 

  • Head of research: Prof. Dr. med. Donat R. Spahn.
  • Team: Dr. med. Philipp Stein, Dr. med. univ. Alexander Kaserer, Dr. med. Gabriela Spahn and Andreas Schedler.